Working with me is a perfect fit if YOU are:

- really unhappy about where you are with your dance, business, and life.

- confused about what next steps to take in your dance, business, and life goals.

- sick of wasting your time and energy doing the “dancer hustle”, knowing that you want to do more in life.

- intent on making a big impact with your dance.

- 100% certain that you want to make dance a full-time career.

This is not for you if you are NOT:

- ready to work hard.

- comfortable with being held accountable for your actions.

- passionate about doing BIG things with dance.

- okay with being pushed out of our comfort zone.

- ready to face your fears and limiting beliefs to overcome them.

Course Description:

“Dancer’s Roadmap Quick Start Group” (Beta version)

Group Coaching Program

*Launching in SEP/OCT--sign up to reserve your spot!

4 week curriculum designed to equip artists with a holistic approach to goal setting. By the end, a goal will be set and action steps will be initiated.


-weekly group Zoom session (90 min)

-Voxxer group support

*Payment plans available