Working with me is a perfect fit if YOU are:

- really unhappy about where you are with your dance, business, and life.

- confused about what next steps to take in your dance, business, and life goals.

- sick of wasting your time and energy doing the “dancer hustle”, knowing that you want to do more in life.

- intent on making a big impact with your dance.

- 100% certain that you want to make dance a full-time career.

This is not for you if you are NOT:

- ready to work hard.

- comfortable with being held accountable for your actions.

- passionate about doing BIG things with dance.

- okay with being pushed out of our comfort zone.

- ready to face your fears and limiting beliefs to overcome them.

Course Description:

“How to Make Money as a Dancer : Building a Biz Around ALL Your Passions”

This one-off  90-minute workshop is curated specifically for dancers and movement artists who are interested in making income from their dance and art. These interactive sessions are a mix of movement through prompts and discussions. Dancers, creatives, and artists will be educated in some business basics, become aware of different possibilities of monetizing their art, and most importantly, will walk away understanding the value of their artistry.

Upcoming sessions:

TULSA (OK) sessions:

Osmosis. ***ON HOLD FOR NOW!!!!

A periodically occurring 3 hour workshop that is a melting pot for creatives of all types— dancers, musicians, fine artists, designers, singers, poets, etc— to converge, learning from each other. Workshop content is decided prior based on submitted proposals made by creatives who are curious and driven to test their artistic ideas. Support will be given to aid the creative with logistics, organization, production, and creation. The whole creative process will also be open for others to observe, culminating in a work-in-progress showing at the end of the session. All attendees and participants are encouraged to come with open minds, collaborative energies, and enthusiastic spirits.