"Emi is a captivating and inspiring presence. I loved working with her and having her share with my audience. Can’t wait to do it again!
- Dan Cumberland,
Founder of The Meaning Movement
Emi Lou

"A mindset should match an ambition; as your next speaker, I’m here to inspire your tribe."

Young Emi hid away in closets to feel safe from the hurling remarks of her parents arguing. When introduced to dance, it became her new sanctuary. To tap into herself, express, and expand. The freedom and empowerment she found drives her to support this same growth in others. 

Over 25 years of training, performing, teaching, coaching, and choreographing in a wide range of styles all over the world. Creating spaces for artists to thrive through classes, workshops, and establishing her own performance team. In 2019, she co-founded and directed Open Your Mind London, an experimental dance festival, while finishing her masters in dance science, researching the hip hop & street dance battle scene. She is a wife, mother, and a student of life; continually chasing curiosities and stirring it up in others. Emi is currently based in the Dallas (USA) region.

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How I help

I combine my positive, enthusiastic spirit to offer support and guidance to meet the unique needs of dancers and creators.

This is what I offer my community:

This is your chance to kickstart big changes in your LIFE. This program allows you the chance to work 1:1 with me so that we can collaboratively create a roadmap to reach your goals.
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One 2 One coaching
In this program, alongside the access you have to me, you’ll find extra support (and enthusiasm!) growing and striving in a like-minded cohort of ambitious dancer-creators.
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Group coaching
Dancers focus so much energy on training their bodies. These masterclass workshops give more attention to all of the other facets that make up a dynamic dance artist— spirit, emotion, brain, soul, business, artistry, and beyond.
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masterclass workshops
Ongoing Dallas area (TX,USA) workshops and events supporting the holistic nature of dance artists. These collaborative sessions provide space for dancers of all backgrounds to tap into themselves and other dance artists for personal, professional, and creative growth.
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In studio sessions

Emi is a very encouraging, empathetic and supportive mentor. Throughout our time working together, I felt safe exploring my interests and creative voice. I felt no pressure to be anyone else or fit into a certain type of mould and this is something I really appreciate. As a mentee, I felt hugely encouraged to follow my own instincts, while always having a chance to come to her when I needed help. Working with Emi was effortless and fun, and I gained a lot of confidence and clarity. She has really helped me to grow, and I am extremely grateful that I have worked with her.

Kim Chi Le
Dance Artist, Producer & Arts Administrator, London UK

Working with Emi has been a cascade of eye opening moments for me. She’s really good at supporting the sprouting of ideas and the process towards the end goal, while leaving a lot of room for personal development. She helps a lot with organising one’s own mind and literally ALWAYS has a solution for moments when you’re stuck inside of your brain patterns.

Svan Buchholz
German Arts Producer, Open Your Mind London & Dallas Producer, Spiritual Coach, Yogi, Meditation Teacher, Dancer

Emi, Truly creates a space which is welcoming and allows you to reflect on where you are at and where you are going. Running events such as Open your mind which I was grateful to be around where Emi was able to provide really great feedback to candidates and support artists at all stages of their career get to the next step. I have had the pleasure of working with Emi on multiple occasions and looking forward to our next projects to come.

Matt Harding
UK Choreographer and Creative, HipHop International Judge, Artistic Director of Urban Interface Dance UK

[Emi] as a mentor, solidified what it means to be reliable and how to be open and loving to all your students. [Emi] truly paid attention to each of [her] students, made them feel seen and appreciated.

Lex Ramirez
Choreographer and Drop Squad Dance Founder
who I've
worked with
Open your mind - London

A multi-day experimental dance & arts festival featuring performances, videography works, and a concept driven experimental dance battle.

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Open your mind - London play dates

A series of workshops that served as an open platform for dancers and creatives of all backgrounds to creatively “play” together.

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Dance science and ethnographic research

A year long MFA Dance Science ethnographic research project looking into London’s hip hop & street styles dance battle scene’s culture (2019).

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Drop squad Seattle

The adult hip hop performance crew that was established in Seattle, WA (USA) in 2013. Emi was the founder, choreographer, and coach.

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